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About Zadar

For centuries,the capital of Dalmatia,today the center of the region,a city with a rich cultural heritage of world importance still visible at every step,the most famous of them;Roman Forum from the 1st century , church of St.Donat from the 9th century (the most famous medieval basilica,the trademark of the city), romanesque church of St.Krševan from the 12th century and the bell tower of St.Mary from 1105; the cathedral of St.Anastasia from the 13th century, National square with the City Lodge and Guard from the 16th century,and powerfull city walls with a representative port and gate from the 16th century,then 3 Wells square and 5 Wells square and numerous palaces, villas and other monumental inheritance. The city of Zadar is not only known for cultural and historical monuments, but also for its beautiful clean sea, numerous beaches and the extraordinary nature surrounding it.

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